Random Thoughts

When I was a little boy, I loved plane rides even till now. There was only one problem. We could not afford it. Dad was a technician and Mum was a housewife. She died in 2005 due to a lung condition. The only places I have been to during my childhood that requires a plane to bring us there was Australia and Medan in Northern Sumatra.

Now that I am 23, it must have been a pain for my dad who was earning an income just enough for a family of 5 to bring us for a holiday back then. We may have led simple lives but food at home was always aplenty. Dad places food as priority for our development. For that, I respect him. Mum who has always wanted to visit Europe never got the chance to do so. She even told me that she wants lay on beds of flowers that she saw on a travel show. Her dream was short-lived. One of the reasons why I decide to put travel as a primary interest is because of my Mum. I am on mission to fulfill my Mum’s dream. That is to travel.


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