The Little Girl Who Vanished

Things in Siem Reap, Cambodia  seemed to have happened to me miraculously. I became a different person the moment I left the country. I was more tolerant to people’s bad behaviour, more patient and maybe have a saint-like mind. Ok well for the last point made, that was slightly exaggerated with a tinge of sarcasm.

I was walking along the street of the famous Old Market. The weather was really hot but for me, coming from a country where the equator is less than 500km away I got used to it. The Old Market is a unique place to be in. I actually walked 3 rounds and never got sick of it. The French colonial shop houses were vastly prominent. It was laid back. Locals were smiling at me. Not that I looked funny though.  I bought a hat which is now collecting dust at home and few other souvenirs. I also bought some books which are not fakes but rather it was an illegal reproduction (I am so sorry Lonely Planet. Guilty as charged!) They come in really cheap. Varieties start from USD2.00 – USD6.00. I got really thirsty and decided to drop by a sundry store to buy a bottle of mineral water.

Strolling along the streets feeling relaxed with a bottle of mineral water in my hand, I felt something tapping on my waist repeatedly. It turned out to be an innocent little girl probably 4 years old. She looked dirty and wore a loose t-shirt and shorts with many holes and brown stains. Her skin was tanned due to the unforgiving sun. She was thin and malnourished. I looked at her with an “Ermm yes?” kind of expression as I do not know how I should even react. She desperately pointed with her tiny index finger to the bottle of mineral water in my hand. I knew what she wanted. She was thirsty. I gave my bottle to her with half the content and she took it and walked away in the opposite direction.

That particular moment when I handed her the bottle of water, I was in a total daze. It felt like a pre hypnotism moment. At the same time, my heart was pounding heavily. Moments later, I turned around to see the girl walk away but I couldn’t see her. I asked the nearby shopkeeper where did the little girl go to and the shopkeeper answered. “What little girl?” I was stunned. The shopkeeper gave me a strange look. It was a long stretch of road. How could she have possibly walked or ran that fast? Where did the she go to? Why did I even have such reaction? What caused my reaction? How was this “hypnotised” feeling even applicable to the modern world? I only see people get hypnotised on TV shows. Did she vanish into thin air or perhaps to the nearby shops to seek refuge of some sort? I am pretty sure shop owners wouldn’t want her loitering around in their shops.

Just in case if you guys don’t know there are such scam cases where people use hypnotism to influence your mind in a spiritual way. This usually happens in Southeast Asia. Basically it is like a mind game. They hypnotise you to the point where your mind will be in a vulnerable state and you will follow what they say. The next thing you know, POOF! Your money will be gone even without you realising it. I know I am getting slightly off topic over here.

Anyway, I am not saying that the little girl did use some black magic to get me hypnotised. My belongings and money were still intact. What I am really curious about is who was that thirsty little girl? Why did she disappear just like that? Was she some kind of an angel sent by God? Was this a sign to wake me up and see the painful reality of life? I keep asking myself questions which I am unable to answer it myself, even till now. I could have done more. I could have bought her a big bottle of clean and drinkable water and food. I regretted not doing that.

Lastly, to anyone who is reading this. Poor and hungry children are on the rise. If you see one, make a point to buy something for them which represents life that is drinkable water. Drinkable water is hard to get. Donations are good if it’s through a legal charity or an organisation as contributions will be given fairly in whatever ways such as opportunities to get a place in school and job placements for newly graduates. Money given to children off the streets at your own freewill will only promote laziness and complacency as some children might think begging is a better way of life than having a job. Empower these children. They are the future leaders of the world.


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