Muzium Kastam Malaysia @ Malacca (Malaysian Custom Museum)

I got off the Melaka Heritage Cruise and found the Muzium Kastam Malaysia just right across the jetty. It looks like a police station from outside. The museum contains pieces of the past when the custom first started out.

From old uniforms to Β to illegal contrabands. The museum entrance is free! Muzium Kastam is located right beside the famous pirate ship of MalaccaThe pictures below are the few articles that caught my attention.

Muzium Kastam Malaysia

Opening Hours

An old bicycle.


Salaries and Pension Record Book

Staff Salaries Record Book

An old typewriter

Warrant Cards

Good declaration form

Enche Lim Yun Su

States and Settlement

Customs Tariff

Timeline of uniforms

Another timeline

An old safe

Weighing Scale

Boats along Sungai Melaka

An old cash register

Custom Staff in Penang




Guns (I have no idea what model this is)

Old School blue films

Chinese Fire Crackers

Booze with looooong neck

Animal fur

Confiscated motorcycle

More confiscated motorcycles!

Simple way of testing the amount of alcohol per bottle

Ranks after ranks..


8 thoughts on “Muzium Kastam Malaysia @ Malacca (Malaysian Custom Museum)

  1. wow i love museums! never been to this one, tho. πŸ™‚ went to a few in london in may – many london museums are free to enter! tht should be the way to run museums, imo. u wanna spread the word, appreciation, educate people abt our heritage, then u gotta make it accessible!

    • Thanks for reading my blog! I love museums too and found this place to be very underrated so I took a look and never regret. Unfortunately in Singapore museums do charge for entrance unless if its after hours or public holidays. I feel that the government should step in and inject more funds to make these museums free of charge. In that way, the govt can instill some appreciation in Singaporeans.

      • but u know, for all the talk abt making the art and cultural scene here more vibrant, not enough is being done for it, and i feel that budget’s got to increase lah. don’t just talk abt it, kan? πŸ˜› hmmm. can’t wait for national art gallery to open its doors. πŸ™‚

        • Ya that’s why! Too bad for now the focus is too much on sports. They should have done all this long long long ago. Economy wise we are pretty much ahead of others but when it comes to arts, sports etc we still have a long way to go.

          National art gallery eh? Is it the one near SMU?

          • it’s the one housed at the old City Hall and Supreme Court buildings.

            it’s opening its doors only in the 2nd half of 2014. still long way to go. but anyway last year i had the opportunity to attend their final tour of these 2 old buildings, before the renovation works started to convert it into the art gallery. very impressive and awe-inspiring buildings, these two. i’m glad they’re not tearing it down, but instead, converting it into the new National Art Gallery! πŸ™‚ also managed to catch a preview animation of an artist’s impression of how it’ll look like in future, post renovation! gonna be awesome man.

  2. Sadly I have never stepped into the building before. Its a good thing that they are converting it to an Art gallery. I hope the renovation will create some sort of awareness. 2014 is quite long from now but whatever it is, I am very excited!

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