Paad Thai or Burger King

I arrived in Vietnam last week via Bangkok feeling like a lost tourist. When I was in Bangkok just days before, I suffered from food poisoning. Whatever the cause, I was not in the mood to continue my travel. What made me went on was the awesome roommate I had back in the hostel I stayed in Bangkok. She is Blanca from Colombia. She was the one who stopped me from cancelling my plans to Vietnam.

I woke up in the morning with the sound of heavy traffic and incessant car horns (what more can you ask for when you’re in Bangkok) feeling groggy and nausea. My stomach couldn’t stop hurting and I felt like I was pregnant (did I tell you I am guy? LOL ). I went to the toilet and did my business (I had to tell you it was a big one) and I thought the nasty feeling I had in my tummy was gone. It was back again after a few minutes. The pain worsened after I lay down on my bed. I wonder what went wrong.  It was either the Burger King I had in Bangkok or that awful Paad Thai I had in Phuket. I went to the toilet again and this time I vomited whatever I ate the night before. I thought the feeling was gone but I was so wrong yet again. The cycle repeated a few times- lay on the bed, went to the toilet and vomit.

I could not take the pain anymore. I decided to visit the hospital which was just right next to the hostel. I registered myself at Bangkok Christian Hospital. I visited the outpatient clinic. The nurses were so nice and they kept telling me I look like a teenage boy despite the fact that I am already 23. They checked my temperature and blood pressure.  Everything seemed normal. Only my tummy wasn’t. I told them about the pain and the misery I had to go through in the toilet early that morning. After the routine temperature and blood pressure check, the nurse asked me to wait till they call my name. She even hold my arms just in case I collapse. I wished nurses in Singapore would do that.

There was no numbering system at the outpatient clinic. The nurses had to call patients by their names. When it was my turn, I remembered exactly how she sounded when she called my name. “SUUU-TEEEEE-MANN”.  No one responded. I thought it sounded like my father’s name which is Sudirman but there may be locals with such name. The nurse gave up calling that name and she passed it on to another nurse. This time, the other nurse used a microphone with a loud speaker. “SUUUUUUUUUU-TEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE-MAAAANNNNN, SINGAPORE!” My heart skipped a beat when she said Singapore. I was kind of embarrassed and people started to look. They were probably wondering why there’s a foreigner in the hospital. Foreigners do get sick too you know. I guess I was the only foreigner in that clinic so I went up and showed my card that was issued earlier and apparently my name is “Suuuteeemaann”. Oh well, I don’t blame them for having a hard time pronouncing my Dad’s name.

The nurse who showed me to my seat at the waiting area brought me to a room which had a doctor. While walking, she hold my arms again to make sure I don’t collapse. How sweet! I sat down and the Doctor greeted me and I did the same. I told him about what I ate the night before and what happened early that morning. He asked me to lie down and he started to press my tummy to see if I felt any pain. Hell yeah it was painful when he pressed it down. He told me that the food I ate wasn’t clean and I thought to myself well I am sure it doesn’t take someone with a doctor’s degree to tell me that. He suggested I take a jab that will probably soothe the pain. Guess what? It did! I was still very weak but at least my tummy didn’t hurt like it did a few hours ago.

After the injection, I laid on on a bed to rest for a while just in case I collapse. The pain was that bad. I have never felt such pain in my entire life. Yeah you guys think I am that weak huh? Anyway, after resting about nearly an hour at the hospital, I decided it is time to go as I had a flight to Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam.  Before I left I decided to visit the toilet again and this time, it was the end of it. All the impurities in my tummy were gone. I headed to the hospital pharmacy to collect my medicine. I didn’t like the payment part. I was so worried about the high medical fees. It turned out to be around SGD100.00 which was definitely very high for me as I have never paid such amount for my medicine back home in Singapore.

When I came back to my hostel, I emailed my sister about my ordeal. I also asked her to transfer me money as I was running short of it. I love my sister so much.


3 thoughts on “Paad Thai or Burger King

  1. Oh dear!!! That’s why I avoid those countries…and when I do go, I would be extra careful with what I eat. Can’t really say…can be either depending on the freshness of the ingredients and also the cooking.

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