Boracay, Philippines

So people are always telling me that Boracay, Philiipines is expensive for a holiday destination. It is indeed but it need not be. After all it is your choice. I never meant to go the Philippines nor it is a dream destination for me. The truth is, I was browsing certain airline websites and I managed to get a cheap return ticket to this wonderful but underrated paradise.

I started off my journey in Clark, a former US airbase city that is located just less than a hundred kilometers north of Manila. I woke up really early to catch my morning flight to Kalibo. Kalibo is a gateway to Boracay. It is definitly cheaper flying into Kalibo than Caticlan. When I arrived at Kalibo International Airport, I did not do any prior arrangements for my transport to Boracay. Booking a transport as soon as I landed was really easy. There were tour counters at the arrival terminal which offered cheap transport options to Boracay. For PHP250, you will be entitled to a comfortable air conditioned van to Caticlan Port and an air conditioned ferry to Cagban Port which is the point of entry in Boracay. Do note that port fees are not included (PHP175). Payment must be made at designated counters at Caticlan Port.

Air Asia now flies to Kalibo from Clark

Upon take off from Clark Airport, Mount Arayat greeted me. Such a wonderful feeling!

Welcome to Kalibo International Airport!

Here I am at Caticlan Port!

The air conditioned ferry at Caticlan Jetty

Upon reaching Cagban Port, there were many eager tricycle drivers only keen to drive you to your resort. As my resort was located at Station 3, not many people were heading there so I had to pay a full tricycle fee of PHP100. Otherwise it could have been only PHP20 if you are sharing with 4 more passengers. Still, PHP100 was really cheap!

5 seater tricycle. No kidding. It’s mean for 5 people but I had it to myself since I paid a full fare of PHP100.

I checked in at Orchids Resort which was just 2 minutes walk from the beach. The resort is owned by a US Army veteran Lynn Turner. He was really kind to me. His right hand man, Marlon (I think) was helped me with my needs. Orchids Resort is one of the cheapest accommodation available. I paid PHP481 for a fan room good for 2-3 persons. It even came with a private bathroom. The bed’s thickness was at least 7 inch which was really good. Breakfast was included but it’s ala carte. You can choose from Filipino to  Western set meals.

To book this property, go to Also, don’t forget to give travel reviews on this property at

Orchids Resort

The resort exterior

My apologies for the mess

The corridor. There are even lazy bench for guest to just relax and do nothing.

After checking in, I slept throughout the day. Didn’t know why I was too tired but I woke up early the next day to enjoy the weather and of course, swim in the clear blue sea. I did not do any activity as I wanted to spend my money in Palawan. My purpose of coming to Boracay is to relax and do nothing.

That’s me at Station 3. Peaceful and quiet.

Beach activites

Look what I caught! Half heavy rain and half sunny!

Such beautiful sunset in Boracay!

Street food!

While on my way back from Boracay to Kalibo, I met local tourists who were eager to take photos with me. LOL.

Banka! As what they call in the Philippines.

Truth be told, 3 days in Boracay wasn’t enough but I had to go elsewhere. Besides, I was looking forward to my next trip which was Puerto Princesa, Palawan. Boracay, an island as a whole is still cheap as compared to islands in Thailand. One unfavourable thing was the food. It was expensive. There were cheaper options but mostly Filipino food which I did not like it. Getting back to Kalibo Airport, I arranged my transport with the guest house. They charged me PHP450 and that include van to Cagban Port, ferry to Caticlan port and a comfy air conditioned bus to Kalibo Airport. PHP100 Cagban Port fees are not included. Payment should be made at designated counters at the port.


4 thoughts on “Boracay, Philippines

    • You should lah. Although each country has its own beauty, being in the Philippines makes me think Thailand is overrated. Unlike Thailand, I don’t need to take a boat to do island hopping just to experience clear blue sea. In Boracay it was just a in front of my resort! Anyway, thanks for dropping by! I really appreciate it. 😉

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